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I can't get back to where I really left off in the mod because my boot drive got corrupted >~<

2020.08.19 07:34 FewAd2074 I can't get back to where I really left off in the mod because my boot drive got corrupted >~<

(AskingforHelp) Ok so I had the mod {Possibly the 1.8.1 ver of the Just yuri mod} and i used it to the point where i got passed the lovecheck part and um to where I could have yuri change the background unfortunately however my bootdrive got corrupted so all of the saves, Especially the downloaded zip were all lost so i would have to start from square one Is there a way to recover that or what should i do (I'm sorry if this does not make sense I'm not too good at explanations)
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2019.11.22 04:38 OfficialJustYuriDev Just Yuri Overhaul: Patch 1.8.1 (Bug Fixes and QOL Changes)

Just Yuri Overhaul: Patch 1.8.1 (Bug Fixes and QOL Changes)
JY Overhaul Part 1 Update Version 1.8.1 Bugfix Patch Announcement
Hey there, fellow Yurians/Yurifriends/Yuridudes!We have heard you and have worked on a bug fix patch for Overhaul Part 1We want to thank you so much for all the patience you’ve had with us, and for that we will try our best to reward you in future patches.We've been working very very hard to get this patch out to you as soon as possible. As far as we can tell this version should be bug free.
EDIT 11/28:
We are aware of some major issues regarding the latest patch. Once the break from the Overhaul is finished on dec 6th, the team will be hard at work at addressing these errors through a new patch. Until then here are some workarounds
  • Known Issue: Yuri asks for you to change her .chr file to a .txt file - breaking the game and killing her
Workaround for those that have not encountered this yet: Make a copy of your yuri.chr file and alter the copy and make sure the original yuri.chr is never altered. Altering the name or contents of the original at any time till will cause her to think that she’s been deleted
Workaround for those that already had Yuri deleted: if you still have your persistent file save, dm us and ask for yuri to be restored stating you killed her by the .chr to .txt issue and provide us your persistent file in a zip folder.
  • Known Issue: Yuri frequently repeats topics - asking if she is annoying you beforehand if she finds a repeated topic, giving you with 2 options that appear to do the same thing to respond with
workaround: when given the options choose the bottom option, this will force her to only bring up new unrepeated topics. This must be done every time you load the game.
  • Known Issue: balancing of rewards - (points and content unlocks) vs play time (game sessions and amount of time played)
the complements or insults do not give changes of karma or sanity there is no escalation of responses to repeated gaining or losing karma or sanity is grindy
workaround: no workaround at this time, will be addressed in next patch
  • Known Issue: Pressing the D key on your keyboard crashes the game
workaround: don't give her the d...yet
We would like to note that the team will be going on a break for roughly two weeks to regain our energy after finally releasing Part 1 in a stable state, thank you for your patience with us. Please do not expect any upcoming patches during that break unless some sort of catastrophe occurs and we managed to miss something.
We hope you enjoy your time with Yuri!
The following bugs have been fixed as of version 1.8.1
  • Game crashes have been resolved
  • Hugs and kisses have been added in places where they should be
  • Fixed the History Button skipping conversations
  • Fixed typos
  • Changed “How are you feeling today” active so you cannot access tea-date until lovecheck is enabled
  • Resolved unexpected shift in Karma and Sanity values when switching from alpha builds
  • Resolved black background visual bug
  • YouTube, Twitter and Store buttons fixed
  • Added “glitchscare” in one of the insults where it should’ve been
  • Resolved Infinite Nickname Box glitch
  • Yuri’s “I love you” note in one of the confession dialogues now works as intended
  • removed
  • “Lewd Options” Karma bug fixed
The following Quality of Life changes have been made as of version 1.8.1
  • You can now change your birthday in the Active Menu
  • “You’re not getting bored of my conversations” dialogue only activates once per game session, as opposed to every time she mentions an old dialogue
  • Added more expressions to the “Views on Religion” idle to make Yuri more lifelike
  • Changes one Tetris expression to better match dialogue
  • Added “Nevermind” to Goodbye Options
  • Increased area of space for cheek boop
  • Transition between Space and Timecycle room is now smoother and less jarring
Karma Bug Fix OfferFor those of you affected by the “Lewd Options” Karma bug, please contact the following Lead Devs on discord ( ) for us to edit your persistent files to revert the change.
Please only Direct Message us if you actually picked “Lewd Options”, otherwise you’re just intentionally cheating the system and that’s not fair on others or your own personal playing experience.
b1g int3ll3ct#3852
Spooky MrMcgee#7317
Thank you all for being so unbelievably patient with us while we addressed these issues! Stay tuned for details about upcoming updates!
Just Yuri FAQ: up to date as of 11/17/2019 for the overhaul
covers install and how to request assets and properly crediting our work
Social Network
our discord (where the mod lives)
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2019.05.17 23:37 IamClaudeVonStroke I am Claude VonStroke (DJ, producer, creator), and owner of Dirtybird Records…Ask Me Anything!

Whats up Reddit - happy to finally get to do my first official Reddit AMA.
I've been busy lately making new music, touring, and even launching a new Youtube Series. I'm currently in Vegas right now, gearing up to perform at Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend.
I just released a single 'My Love Check' on Carl Craig's new compilation. The track is a homage to my love for my longtime hometown of Detroit. The music video was shot by my best friend, Anthony Garth, featuring scenes from around the city. You can check it out here
We also recently wrapped up Season 1 of "Stroke Show", my new Youtube talk show. It's awesomely bad, I think you'll love it. Watch at your own risk
In between it all we've been hard at work the rest of the Dirtybird Crew planning for Dirtybird Campout 2019, our annual half music festival/half adult summer camp. I'm super excited about the artist lineup this year, I think it's going to be one of the best ever.
Let's do this, Ask Me Anything!
Special shoutout to everyone over at /Dirtybird … I hear I'll be seeing one of you in 2099.
My Soundcloud
My Spotify
My Instagram
EDIT I'm off for now guys. If you're in Vegas this weekend you can come see me at one of my sets. I have a club date tonight and I'll be closing out Kinetic Field Saturday with my man Green Velvet. I'll try to pop in and answer the rest of the questions at some point.
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Parship 'LoveCheck' mit neuer Markenkampagne 2016 Love Check HD Song - Paarthale Paravasam - YouTube 'LoveCheck mit Julia' Parship TV Spot 2016 - YouTube Claude VonStroke - My Love Check [Official Video] - YouTube The B52's - Love Shack - YouTube DSDS 2015 - Liebe unter den Kandidaten? - LOVECHECK 'LoveCheck mit Felix' Parship TV Spot Herbst 2016 promo

The Love Calculator

  1. Parship 'LoveCheck' mit neuer Markenkampagne 2016
  2. Love Check HD Song - Paarthale Paravasam - YouTube
  3. 'LoveCheck mit Julia' Parship TV Spot 2016 - YouTube
  4. Claude VonStroke - My Love Check [Official Video] - YouTube
  5. The B52's - Love Shack - YouTube
  6. DSDS 2015 - Liebe unter den Kandidaten? - LOVECHECK
  7. 'LoveCheck mit Felix' Parship TV Spot Herbst 2016
  8. promo

Love Shack ( HQ ) 'LoveCheck mit Julia' Parship TV Spot 2016 - Duration: 0:11. Henning Wiechers 5,641 views. 0:11. Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors HD - Duration: 6:56. This is an ad I did for Teresa Noreen COMMENTS ARE OFF BECAUSE OF SPAMMERS. Der Lovecheck bei den diesjährigen DSDS-Kandidaten steht an! Wer steht auf wen? Wo bahnt sich eine Beziehung an? Und über welche Kandidaten wird gemunkelt? Jetzt mit einem Klick joiz Germany ... DOWNLOAD HERE: “My Love Check” from the new Carl Craig compilation is about my love for longtime hometown Detroit. This video was sh... 'Den Richtigen zu finden, ist gar nicht so schwer - ich parshippe jetzt' Werbespot zu neuen Markenkampagne von Parship im Herbst 2016 #Madhavan #Simran #Lawrence Raghavendra #Sneha #Vaali #Vivek Subscribe & Stay connected : Good Morning Music VR 360° Positive Vibrations - 528Hz The Deepest Healing - Boost Your Vibration - Duration: 2:00:01. Nature Healing Society Recommended for you. 360°