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2020.09.13 14:24 witchycactus Flamboyant Gamine Subtypes Quiz!

Link to the Flamboyant Gamine Subtypes Quiz!
The options are:
True FG
FG with a D influence

next will be Romantic, then Dramatic! let me know what other quizzes you would find helpful!
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2020.08.27 22:07 therisingdawnsky Please help me, I don’t know what to do now

This isn’t for me but for my best friend.
Last month or two I (14F) went to my best friend’s (13F) house to spend some time with her. Before leaving, however, my best friend told me she wanted to tell me something. And it felt very urgent. But she dismissed telling me and said she would tell me next time.
And that next time was today, August 27th. She hosted a Zoom meeting and invited me to come and play some Quotev personality quizzes with her. But out of nowhere she said she wanted to tell me something. Me, being confused, decided to listen. But she typed it out instead in the chat.
She told me that she was feeling very upset. She told me that she felt worthless and scared. Whenever she wanted to tell someone about it there was this “voice” in her mind telling her that she was being overdramatic and that nobody would even care if she did tell anyone. She is contemplating if she even wanted to live anymore. She said she distracts herself from these thoughts by talking to friends excessively. She told me she had these thoughts for over a year now and I didn’t even notice.
I was shocked and I could only stare at the screen saying nothing.
She vented to me because I’m her closest and her best friend. I deeply care for her. I don’t want her to have these invasive thoughts. I want her to be happy. But how can I help her when I don’t even know what to do next? What do I do?? I’m very concerned for her wellbeing and I could only turn to this place for advice. (Sorry for any grammar mistakes but I wanted to get this out as soon as I could)
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2020.07.30 10:43 uncommon_aura Does Anyone Seriously Use Quotev For Fanfiction?

I wound up discovering Quotev while searching for a plugin for a program I use, and discovered that it's for uploading stories and quizzes, and has a category for fanfiction.
I've been wanting to post my fics in more places maybe, but I like to be careful about the community/environment I expose myself and my creations to. The fics I saw on Quotev all kind of had a "12 year old author on deviantART/FFN in 2009 who all use XD and smexy unironically" feel to them, but that doesn't say much about the actual community there. Stories like that exist on FFN and AO3 too.
I write self-insert fics that are all very personal to me, but I take my plot seriously and make sure everything makes sense and whatnot. I come up with, in my opinion, some really creative and good ideas to implement. I'm no Tolkien, but I've been doing this for years and have some good experience under my belt.
Does anyone know how Quotev would treat that kind of fic? Would the community appreciate something written with a bit more skill and respond properly? Would I be harassed? Would I get a ton of "omg [insert character here] is soooo smexy lmao XDXDXD i hope they get wit ur oc" comments? The two latter possibilities I've gotten a lot on FFN and Tumblr in the past, and I'd rather not mess with that again, you feel me?
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2020.07.17 17:56 TransportationNarrow Tried to create a more relevant wand core quiz and request to take the quiz.

Most wand quizzes available either pick out a few ones only or pick every questions which lay the answers right in front of you. So, keeping that in mind, i tried to create a more relevant quiz which can take your choices into account and have a weighted value on answers.
Currently there are 10 available options:
  1. Phoenix feather
  2. Thunderbird tail feather
  3. Augurey feather
  4. Dragon heartstring
  5. Snallygaster heartstring
  6. Unicorn tail hair
  7. Wampus cat hair
  8. Rougaru hair
  9. Zouwu mane hair
  10. Matagot whisker
I intend to add other potential cores and also am fully open to almost any suggestion. I have also taken liberty to exclude some cores due to reasons like the creatures having being status or near-being status (Centaur, Merpeople, Vampire, Elf, Goblin, Veela, Puckwudgie, Curupira, Humans), the creature's core has been used for extremely powerful and/or legendary wands (Horned Serpent, Threstral, Basilisk), the creature has not been properly explored or is very difficult to obtain (Jackantelope, White river monster, Manticore, Chimera, Nundu), does not make supreme wand core (Kneazle, Kelpie, Troll) or its trade is considered illegal (Acromantula, Werewolf, Grindylow).
I had posted the initial raw version of the quiz on the Ravenclaw sub and have updated to make is fully functional and lowered the number of typographical errors. So, if Ravenclaws missed the update on the sub, i request you to take the updated version of the quiz with 2 new added core materials.
TLDR; Most wand core determining quiz has options only and usually lay answers right in front of you. I tried not to lay answers right under the nose and also made the questions more relevent. The potential options are listed above.
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2020.07.12 11:37 StarChild413 Are there any other good quizzes for books' "factioning systems" (like Hogwarts house, godly parent or Radiant Order)?

I'm just trying to figure out something similar that people who've disowned their Hogwarts house because of the controversy can identify with, and hopefully a good quiz for it that isn't the equivalent for its series of Hogwarts house quizzes that ask you if your favorite color is red, blue, yellow, or green in terms of obviousness.
Only ones I've found are a couple of godly parent ones (this one is official but these three are some good fanmade ones), and the official Stormlight Archive Knights Radiant quiz
So is there anything else for "those divorcing JK" to use as an identifier like one would one's Hogwarts House
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2020.07.10 09:10 Chillypenguin178 Tips for starting a comic

Ok so I never post here, so I decided to make a handy lil guide of sorts for new creators.
Starting a new comic 1. Come up with a main idea or theme you want in your story. 2. Decide the genre. If it's something like slice of life or comedy, is it just a comic strip that doesn't really have a plot? 3. Make a plot. It doesn't have to be fully complete, but you want a good outline. 4. Think of some characters. When making your cast, don't make a role for the character, make a character for the role. Figure out who you need before you flesh out their details. 5. If you haven't already, make a setting. Is this in the future? Past? Present? Alternate universe? You decide! 6. Decide on a style. You can use a style you already use, but you can also make one up simply for this comic. Make sure you practice and improve your style and don't just use the first thing that gets drawn on paper. 7. What format is your comic? If you want it printed, I'd recommend looking at old Marvel comics for inspiration. If it's more of a webcomic, look at popular webtoons for inspiration. 8. Decide on how you draw it. Are you using plain old paper and pen, then scanning it? Or are you drawing it digitally? 9. If you are using a digital program to draw, learn everything about that program. There might be some useful tools you never knew about. 10. Get critiques and feedback from friends before posting your comic. Never publish right after finishing.
Webtoons tips 1. Draw your pages on large canvases, then size them down to 800x1280 or smaller to fit Webtoon's maximum. 2. Make an icon that pops. A dull cover won't bring in as many readers as one that grabs their attention. 3. Read the guidelines on Webtoon's site before posting to make sure you aren't braking any rules.
Character design/creation tips 1. Don't make a role for the character, make a character for the role. Figure out who you need before you flesh out their details. I already mentioned this before, but it's good advice. 2. Research a lot and learn as much as you can about the character's traits. If you're diving into anything out of your norm, make sure you know what you're talking about before committing to it. 3. Make sure your character is likable. An annoying/tiresome character can be a dealbreaker for some comics. I've got a long list of character quizzes on my quotev page, which can help to see if your character is likable or not. Take these with a grain of salt, as they're not always accurate. 4. Look at other people's characters as inspiration. Often times, you can take small traits from several characters, and make them your own, but just make sure you don't copy/steal. 5. Take critiques/feedback from other people. If you're the only one who's seen your character, you have no idea how good they actually are.

I might make a second post like this if I think of more tips, but that's all for now. Happy writing!
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2020.06.24 01:51 quotevtimes Launch: Quotev Times

Hello everyone and welcome to the official launch of the Quotev Times! We will review profiles, books, stories, and quizzes in depth! We also promote~!
And not to mention we’ll have a section called the “Drama Room” just for all the tea that goes down on Quotev. 🍵
If you’d like to get anything nag reviewed just comment below. [[[[[[[[[[ Tik: @quotevtimes Reddit: u/quotevtimes Amino: Quotev Times [[[[[[[[[[
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2020.05.24 21:27 icedteagoddess Godly Parent Quizzes and Personality Profiles

Hello, everyone! Over the past few days, I’ve been pouring out my soul to create some quizzes and information packets for people who are still looking to be claimed by a Greek parent. They are all posted on my Quotev profile. They're just for fun, so feel free to check them out!
Links to each individual work:
  1. Who Is Your Greek Godly Parent quiz
  2. Greek Demigod Personality Profiles book
  3. Are You a Hunter of Artemis quiz (for girls)
  4. Are You a Hunter of Artemis quiz (for boys and other)
Honestly, the Hunter quizzes have more or less the same questions, so you’re totally welcome to ignore the gender restrictions. The quizzes are still in their revision and editing stage. I’ll be adding more as the series progresses and hopefully, it will be able to help the orphans on this sub.
What do you guys think so far? Is it at least somewhat accurate? Anything you think should be added?
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2020.05.08 16:49 Galactic_Krystal my undertale Quotev account name if u wanna check out my quizzes (I've only got 1 so far )

my undertale Quotev account name if u wanna check out my quizzes (I've only got 1 so far ) submitted by Galactic_Krystal to Undertale [link] [comments]

2020.05.08 13:41 UberPerfection Borderlands 1 Class/Character Test

Hey guys, I've made a short class personality test (my first ever) and I'd like to humbly ask anyone out there to take it. It gauges your optimal class for Borderlands 1 between the four original Vault Hunters. I've gotten positive feedback from other Borderlands subreddits and thought this one might enjoy it as well.
I may do more quizzes on other titles in the series depending on the success of this one. I would greatly appreciate some feedback and/or suggestions.
God bless.
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2020.05.08 12:45 UberPerfection Borderlands 1 Class/Character Test

Hey guys, I've made a short class personality test (my first ever) and I'd like to humbly ask anyone out there to take it. It gauges your optimal class for Borderlands 1 between the four original Vault Hunters. I've gotten positive feedback from other Borderlands subreddits and thought this one might enjoy it as well.
I may do more quizzes on other titles in the series depending on the success of this one. I would greatly appreciate some feedback and/or suggestions.
God bless.
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2020.05.08 12:30 UberPerfection Borderlands 1 Class/Character Test

Hey guys, I've made a short class personality test (my first ever) and I'd like to humbly ask anyone out there to take it. It gauges your optimal class for Borderlands 1 between the four original Vault Hunters. I've gotten positive feedback from other Borderlands subreddits and thought this one might enjoy it as well. See which Vault Hunter grandparent you are!
I may do more quizzes on other titles in the series depending on the success of this one. I would greatly appreciate some feedback and/or suggestions.
God bless.
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2020.05.08 00:09 UberPerfection Borderlands 1 Class Test

Hey guys, I've made a short class personality test (my first ever) and I'd like to humbly ask anyone out there to take it. It gauges your optimal class for Borderlands 1 between the four original Vault Hunters. It's just a fun way to pass time, or if you've ever wondered which Vault Hunter truly suits your unique game style.
I may do more quizzes on other titles in the series depending on the success of this one. I would greatly appreciate some feedback and/or suggestions.
God bless.
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2020.05.07 16:24 UberPerfection Borderlands 1 Classes Test

Hey guys, I've made a short class personality test (my first ever) and I'd like to humbly ask anyone out there to take it. It gauges your optimal class for Borderlands 1 between the four original Vault Hunters.
I may do more quizzes on other titles in the series depending on the success of this one. I would greatly appreciate some feedback and/or suggestions.

God bless.
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2020.04.24 18:08 deadlightStar The Ultimate Test

So, if you already know how your character from begins and ends. Then it time to really see....
IS YOUR OC(s) a Mary Sue or Gary Stu!!!
So there are a lot of quizzes to pick from but I'm all choosing ones that don't immediately make the multi choice answers obvious, I went through a lot to see if there are actually have questions that can relate to an author's story objective or plot of the story. However, there might be a few questions that don't not apply to the OC(s) themselves.
The goal is pick one of your OC(s) and have them answer the questions that you know applies to them.
For example, I used Mykiel (Isaac) for each qiuz. I didn't write him to be OP so I've answered the question to fit Mykiel's Objective, points of backstory and Ultimate goal.
Overall, the quiz state he is complex and isn't a Gary-Stu. Claudia is the same, she didn't qualify as Mary-Sue. Both die anyway and non-canon characters.
Now that's to see where my own characters would stand in the original Motherboard A.I. literature.
Basically House Enfield/La fin Domaine are fanfiction. They can basically be cut out and the orginal story line and it wouldn't change. However, Arne does seems to be a favourite.
Enfields were added for shitNgiggles and (I) place them to be an obstacle in front of House Chavez, mainly Charles and Arkkos as I did model Mykiel after Charles, and Claudia after Arkkos. The main purpose in my view, was to flush and experiment more with Charles and Arkkos development.
Sadly, I end up investing time into their House and backstory, they when from minor to their own story.
But I'm still continuing their main purpose, even if it's fanfictional. They push the story forward.
Enfields aren't the door stoppers. They just appear to move the storg along. A sense of adding drama to the mix and intrigue. Even if their intrigued is spoiled and known.
As a amateur writer myself, I'm learning more about the Show and Tell. What you can or can't show/tell without spoilers but also set foreshadowing.
So seeing how Motherboard A.I. started to expand. It went from ambiguous to straight forward.
I did love the first edition of poems that were mysterious, as a reader (myself) kept asking, "Who's poem is this? Which story am I reading? Is one perspective or both?"
That was always the fun part, even if their was a few descriptions errors.
As two part book series that would be most intriguing.
But because I accidentally mixed story writing with poem, it's not the same as before. I notice a style changes in MBAI which isn't bad. It's just development of skills. I'm not expert or reader of Poetry books, as reader however what truly drew me in was the characters. Arkkos, Charles and Alice as they were my first introduction.
Soon more characters appeared. Still I will always favour these three.
So, for Writing and building a character. Here are some definitions. On what a character might also be in the story plot itself.
Flat Character
Definition of Flat Character
A flat character is a type of character in fiction that does not change too much from the start of the narrative to its end. Flat characters are often said not to have any emotional depth.
E. M. Foster has discussed some features of flat characters in his book, Aspects of the Novel. According to Foster, a flat character is a simple character, shown by the author as having just one or two qualities, which generally remain the same throughout the story, not undergoing significant growth or changes. The audience does not know much about these characters, because the writer does not provide detailed information about them.
Characteristics of Flat Character
The role of flat characters is to support the main character.
They do not go through a substantial growth or transformation in the course of the narrative.
They have recognizable characteristics that make them appear stereotypical.
They are often referred to as one- or two-dimensional characters, usually having one perspective or point of view about life, things, or events.
Round Character
Definition of Round Character
A round character in a novel, play, or story is a complex personality. Like real people, they have depth in feelings and passions. For instance, in the movie “Shrek,” the main character says “‘Ogres are like onions,” which means that, what appears to them is not the only truth. Rather, there is something more inside them. Similarly, a round character has many layers of personality. Writers define a round character fully, both physically and mentally. It is the character with whom the audience can sympathize, associate with, or relate to, as he seems a character they might have seen in their real lives.
Characteristics of a Round Character
Round characters are major characters in a story, who encounter contradictory situations, and undergo transformation during this phase. Therefore, these characters do not remain the same throughout the narrative, making their traits difficult to identify from beginning until the end.
These characters are more realistic, their personalities somewhat inconsistent.
They are fully developed and show complex traits, like real people.
Round characters are also known as “main characters,” or “major characters,” because they are suitable to surprise the readers in a very convincing manner.
Major characters must be round characters to be believable.
Dynamic Character
Definition of Dynamic Character
Like a round character, a dynamic character also undergoes changes throughout the narrative, due to conflicts he encounters on his journey. A dynamic character faces trials and tribulations, and takes time to learn from his encounters, his experiences, and his mistakes, as well as from other characters. Sometimes a character learns a lesson, and gains maturity, such as Prince Hal in Shakespeare’s Henry IV.
Some characters discover mistakes in their points of view, and others discover important aspects of their own personalities, such as Neville Longbottom did in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. All of these changes make a character dynamic, but they are implied changes, not stated outright.
Difference between Dynamic and Round Character
Though dynamic and round characters both undergo character development, there is a slight difference between them. The traits of a dynamic character are not described outright. Rather, his traits are referred to as they change over time. On the other hand, a round character’s traits are complex, and described by the author. Round characters are dynamic as well, such as Hamlet.
Function of Dynamic Character
A dynamic character plays an important role in a narrative. Often it is the main character of the story, which helps to build a compelling and convincing story. By going through an important transition, having a coming-of-age experience, pulling through trials, gaining maturity, feeling a change of the heart, and developing likable qualities, a dynamic character shows he has made a full transformation. All these changes bring a flavor to the story line and an element of surprise to the readers.
Here are links to the examples
Flat https://literarydevices.net/flat-characte
Round https://literarydevices.net/round-characte
Dynamic https://literarydevices.net/dynamic-characte
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2020.04.23 18:46 nomunin How did you discover Quotev?

I discovered Quotev back in 2013 when I was in 6th grade looking for some 7 minute in heaven quizzes. Ever since then I fell in love with the site, sadly it became quite buggy and less people are active there. (Atleast for the people I used to interact with)
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2020.04.18 07:15 orchidding What Entity are You Quiz (not uquiz)

Here is a link! The idea is that your result is the entity you'd get marked by/maybe become an avatar of. EDIT: The quiz gives you a ranked list as well, don't forget to scroll down on the results page! It has been tested with some friends, and now it's ready for the subreddit.
Hello all, my partner and I spent a lot of time making this. We'd been taking a lot of the other quizzes going around, but we wanted something that was less predictable, and that gave more accurate/varied results. Plus, uquiz kept crashing on us. Each question pits two entities against each other, so it always makes you choose one over another when you're taking it. This drastically reduces ties for your #1 spot, making the answers more conclusive. 14 entities means 91 questions, oops(he's not up to s4 so the extinction is not included here) (spoiler for s4-on).
We also threw a couple of tricky questions in there so it would be harder to guess which entities are associated with each question. Try to answer quickly and go with your gut! Also, you can scroll down on the results page for a full list of how the entities ranked for you, as well as what other people have gotten.
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2020.04.01 09:06 jkhyun How's your experience with different writing/reading platforms? (AO3, FF.net, Wattpad, etc.)

Most of us here have experienced being on different platforms and I wanted to know your experience with each and every one of them. I'm speaking from a reader and beta's pov.
I've been into fanfiction for so long now and I've used FF.net, Wattpad, Tumblr, LJ, Quotev (omg these two), Twitter, AFF, and AO3! I'm just mostly on AO3 and Twitter now tho. This is kinda long since I described my experience from each of the platforms I mentioned.

FF.net- This is where I first started reading fanfics. I did not actually read here for long and my knowledge of it is kinda outdated so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. FF.net looks cool and easy to use on desktop. Reading there is actually pretty straightforward too. I easily found fics in my preferred fandoms. Tho I don't remember if you can leave comments on fics? I never noticed. I did try to download the mobile app a year ago and I had a hard time using it so I just uninstalled it, I prefer their desktop version. There are some great classics on FFnet that I would still come back to read.
LJ and Quotev- Oh my god. Idk why but these 2 are giving me flashbacks. Look, I know how many writers were publishing their stories on LJ but I just can't, for the life of me, read on LJ. Their formatting was never good! The text was like squeezed into the screen! And I remember this one time where there was a really really great fic that was translated into English (the OG was in another language) but you can only read it on LJ and I had a really hard time reading it because the text was like squeezed into the middle of the screen. Ugh, I can't explain it without showing you how it looks but just imagine that in every sentence, there can only be 5-6 words. I just cry whenever I remember all the great fics that I had to read on LJ. Only a few were crossposted. As for Quotev, it really wasn't the best place where you can read fics, it was fun tho. I mainly used Quotev for the quizzes >< I can recall myself obsessing over those quizzes kasjflnajf.
Tumblr- I mostly read short stories on Tumblr. You can read so many good one-shots or imagines there. It wasn't really a platform where you can regularly post and read long fics tho. I know that some writers write and post on Tumblr but I can't really read chaptered fics there. The tags that the writers created made it easier to navigate their stories but, honestly, that kinda makes it hard in the long run.
Wattpad- I don't have much fanfic experience in Wattpad (I can't find good ones ><) but I did read soooo many OG works here. It was a big thing here in our country (it still is tbh) I had Wattpad for a long time and tbh there are some good works there, however, I stopped using it 3-4 years ago so again, outdated info but so many works that are novel-like in their quality and length. This is the only platform that I know of that has some top-notch OG works. The reading experience is actually great! You can have reading lists, a private library, you can follow writers, vote on chapters, comment on specific sentences, the interface is good, you can change the text and the background, it's like an ebook reader. The negatives are I can't find good fanfics there except for smut, the smut there is good but then again, there are so many bad apples in there that overshadow the good ones. I stopped using it because I don't really read OG works anymore and it started getting hard to find new good books to read. The quality of the works went down as the site got too oversaturated by users. I got sucked into the magnificent and awesome writing of fanfic writers, I swear we are too lucky to have fandom creators.
AFF- AKA asianfanfics. This is one of the main platforms for the k-fandom afaik; AFF and AO3. This and AO3 is where I spent most of my time reading fanfics. These were my two main platforms for fanfics. The reading experience is fairly good for mobile and desktop. The fics are mostly great, too! The thing I dislike about this tho is how difficult it is to find fics for your fandom. I don't search on AFF for fics to read. I go to Tumblr and Twitter for recommendations then click on the links. I also follow my fave writers on their respective sns and then just click on the links they posted once they publish a new story.
Twitter- AFAIK this is just a recent platform where writers can share their fics which are called tweetfics! Tweetfics are fairly short since there is a character limit for each tweet and threads can be hard to read if it's too long. If you're not familiar with it, it's quite simple, writers just write as they go. There are two kinds of tweetfics; socmed aus and a classic tweetfic. A classic tweetfic is where writers just write normally like how one would if they're writing a fic. They just write as they go so once you publish that then that's that. They usually update every day. As for sns aus, it's where the story is told through a series of screenshots of the characters' tweets, their gcs, and their dms. It's actually a fun read! If you want to read some short but good fics, you can go to twitter to read some~
AO3- Ah yes. My forever love. I guess almost everyone knows AO3 so I won't say much. AO3 is just a masterpiece. Even when I was just starting, it was easy to understand. The tags, the skins, how easy it is to use both on mobile and desktop, the bookmarks, subscriptions (they never fail to send me an email), comments, etc. IDK I just love AO3 and the culture in it you know?
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2020.03.29 01:10 checkyourinventory Different Fanfic Sites and Reader Inserts

Depending on the fanfiction website, reader-inserts can either make up a large portion of the stories or simply be a niche. I've written down some of my experiences - feel free to share your own!
While it's not solely focused on fanfiction, Tumblr has always had its fair share of fics and reader-inserts are no exception. Imagines, short scenarios which begin with "imagine...", were very popular around 2012 and many were in second-person. IME, they were common in bandoms and anime fandoms. I am unsure of their popularity nowadays, but I've seen a few float around while scrolling through tags. There are also full-on fics including RIs - sometimes if you search a fandom, nearly all of the fics that appear are RIs! One-shots and requests seem to be very popular. It's very easy to interact with your audience or authors through the ask/messaging system. Despite the infamous 18+ purge, explicit fics are still allowed...I learned that with my newest fandom, lol. A gripe I have with Tumblr, however, is that the search function needs some serious improvements. MANY posts will be left out if they aren't tagged properly. Posts will only show up in tags if they're the first 5 tags. I've also noticed that people are much more likely to leave a like over a reblog, so getting exposure might be tough.
Pros: good readeauthor interaction, explicit fics aren't included in the ban
Cons: poor search system, possible trolling (higher risk if you have anons enabled)
A personal throwback for me! This is the site where I read my first reader-insert and learned the citrus scale, lol. There are many, many reader-inserts and even clubs dedicated to them with their own categories such as the fandom or reader's gender. Again, I'm unsure how popular it is nowadays but I remember that around 2013-2016 it was very busy in terms of RIs. Lots and lots of anime (Hetalia RIs were absolutely everywhere) + video games RIs. I was quite young when I used it and only read fic, so I'm not sure how the feedback culture is. There are definitely fics other than RIs here, but the last one I read was years ago.
Pros: lots of RIs to choose from, RIs for older fandoms that aren't posted anywhere else
Cons: variable quality, dip in popularity
Another throwback for me - this is where I posted my first reader-insert. I stopped using this site a few years ago, but after a quick look it seems that RIs are still popular. Readers were enthusiastic and it was very, very common for them to ask for requests. Books of one-shots were common. IME it's a bit like DeviantArt where you might have to sift through a lot to find something you like, but I remember being absolutely mind-blown by a longfic for a fandom I'm no longer part of. Stories with original characters shipped with the reader are also a thing which I haven't seen much of on other sites. One thing I never got used to is that it uses "pages" instead of words haha
Pros: similar to dA, OCs x Reader, enthusiastic (and young!) readers, quizzes are a fun distraction
Cons: similar to dA, less popular than other sites
My current go-to site. From what I've read, the fics are generally higher quality than other sites I've used. Unfortunately the popularity/acceptance of reader-inserts really depends on the fandom; usually if there's a popular ship involving canon characters, you're less likely to see reader-inserts for it. There are exceptions, though, especially if it's a series with a large cast or well-loved characters who are slept on in canon. I've noticed that RIs tend to get less attention than canon/canon fics and as such, they get less feedback. OTOH, my current fandom is quite RI-heavy and enthusiastic, so its fics garner more of a response than I normally see. AO3's tagging system is an absolute godsend whether I'm looking for canon/canon fics or RIs. I do have a pet peeve with the "Reader" tag as it includes absolutely everything - for example, you can't filter for specific genders of the reader ("Male Reader" and "Female Reader" both redirect to the "Reader" tag. You can circumvent this slightly by excluding certain categories but even that will miss out some fics) and I know that sometimes people don't tag the reader as a character in the first place.
Pros: tagging/search system, generally good quality fics, good feedback when you get it
Cons: variable popularity of RIs
These are my experiences, I hope they were at least a little bit insightful. :) I'm aware of Wattpad being a popular place for RIs, though I have't used it a lot myself. I've seen some RIs on FF.net in the past despite its ban on second-person fics. Also, shoutout to Lunaescence which I haven't thought about in ages - it's a curated fic archive that includes many RIs.
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2020.03.26 23:23 FrequencyRobo Discovering I’m trans, how did you guys figure it out?

So far, I’ve been journalling and well..I discovered that I’m a man. I’ve been using he/him pronouns and feel so much better about myself. I’ve played many male roles in my life with video games and roleplaying. I’m 25 years old, and am trying to find my way in life.
I have been feeling dysphoric and didn’t realize it was social dysphoria until now. I took a bunch of transgender quizzes on quotev and they all pointed to me being transgender. I took the S.A.G.E. gender test and it told that I was FTM with autoandrophilia, and now I’ve been exploring more gender things like binding and playing video games in a male role and using mens wash, and all it did was make me feel even more confident in my male identity.
I know its just baby steps, but I wonder how did you guys figure out you’re trans? I feel like the dysphoria has hit me all at once this year.
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2020.03.11 16:18 SleepyEdgelord Issues with creating an account

Hey, so I wanted to make an account on Quotev, because making personality quizzes is relaxing to me, and I like the way Quotev is set up.
For some reason, the website won't allow me to make an account the normal way, because apparently my Internet service provider is behind some spam accounts. I wanted to go through Google, because I've read that some people who encountered similar issues had no problems that way - and it seemed fine, the usual window with "do you want this to gain access to your Google stuff" popped out, and that's where I closed it, because it said it would use my username. Which is my IRL name and surname. I would really like to be as anonymous as possible.
So, is it possible to change your name on Quotev later on, and is the email visible on the profile or is it strictly a verification thing (like on reddit)?
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2020.02.19 10:16 Thealmightydeadpool My ex bestfriend is a piece of shit

I will be referring to her as Amber okay so here I go, Amber and I were best friends since I was like 12 I'm 23 now, Amber was always pampered and spoiled by her mother and stepfather who doted on her and her little brother. She wasn't abused in any which way nor bullied or anything, But I was and she used that knowledge as a way to seek attention. She would tell others that she was abandoned knowing full well that never happened, My older sister who basically raised me hated Amber for this reason because she knew how much it hurt me. When I was 16 I was diagnosed with depression and she thought that was cool and decided to ACT like she was depressed. Mind you she was well-liked not bullied had a good family life she just decided to see if she was depressed by TAKING QUIZZES ON QUOTEV and she even found out on there that she had BPD. Meanwhile shit hit the fan with me I was also hearing voices that told me "You're worthless, ugly and a liar" "nobody loves you" "Nobody cares about me" and "Your family would be happy if you were gone" and seeing horrific creatures that would constantly stare at me and the feeling that roaches are crawling on me this occurrence has been happening since I was 12 and even now it still happens, And when I vented to her about it this bitch had the audacity to make it ABOUT HER. Fast ford 5 years and this bitch is in full attention seeker mode by this time, 2018 was a bad year for me my grandma and aunt died two months apart and I was very depressed I would have rapid mood swings *I actually always had this problem but more on that later* and this bitch said I was seeking attention. BUT HER ASS GOT TRIGGERED BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T GET WHAT SHE WANTED AND PUT A HUGE ASS HOLE IN THE FUCKING WALL BECAUSE OF IT. She eventually turned all of our mutual friends against me and I was alone, and mind you I was living with her atm so I witnessed all her fake tantrums. Well February of that year I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and I told her mom and she was in the room. Amber got pissed and started upping her tantrums and her girlfriend would tell me "your not the only one who is bipolar" like bitch I never said I fucking was and then everything went downhill when I finally realized that she lied about her uncle molesting her so I asked her mother about it who confirmed my suspicions and we all confronted her Amber then spun around going "Why don't you tell us how schizophrenic you are" and then yelled about how she has had it worse than anyone she ever met, I was then like "You know what amber you are a worthless piece of shit and a vile human being" She was like I know I am I have the worst depression in here but then I said "Your life was better than ANYBODY I've ever met, you had a loving mother that stayed, a good dad and nobody bullied you infact people for some reason liked you" I got mad and packed my shit and got may cat and moved in with my grandpa until I can afford enough money to get me a small house but recently I got out of terrell state hospital and was told to get back on disibility (I was on it because of mild brain damage I got from not being able to breathe my mom and sis found me on the couch not breathing I was 7 months old appernatly mom left us when i was 4) I was then diagnosed with schizophrenia and now am on meds. This bitch had the balls to call me out after 2 years of not speaking to her on my current bffs post and whats worse my current bff's post was a VENTING post that bitch Amber had to make everything about her.
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